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What is a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® (CNAP)?

In simplest terms, Nutritional Aesthetics is an integrative approach to healthy skin. This skin-health link combines healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices with natural skincare products and non invasive aesthetic treatments; which builds a strong and sustainable foundation for optimum beauty, skin health, and longevity.

What I can provide for you:

A CNAP is a well-rounded skin wellness practitioner who supports clients
with an integrative approach to healthy skin by:

• Offering innovative and personalized skincare treatments and skin
health coaching programs that offer clients fully integrative skin
support, both from the outside in, and the inside out
• Promoting healthy food and lifestyle choices
• Choosing non-toxic, bio-individualized topical skincare treatments and/
or recommendations
• Coaching clients along their own path to reaching their own skincare
goals in a way that does no harm, respects their own bodies’ innate
ability to heal, and values each clients’ own intuition

• Providing education, authentic support, accountability, and reflection—
and sometimes tough love—to help clients become “unstuck,” and
overcome their own self-sabotaging behavior and mindset habits
A CNAP has successfully completed the Certified Nutritional Aesthetics
Practitioner® Training Program, and has passed all exams and practicum.
A CNAP is a motivated, responsible practitioner who follows a strict code
of ethics, always seeks continuing education, and always practices within
their individual scope of practice.


Coming soon I will be offering one on one personal skin nutrition counselling.

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