Facial + Lifting Massage

A customized facial to deliver the ultimate rest and relaxation.
What your service includes:
Deep Cleansing

Hot towel
Exfoliating/Hydrating Mask
Sculpting Massage
Lymphatic Drainage 
Jelly mask customized
Hand or Indian scalp massage included 

Finishing creams + SPF

$110-60min $120-75min  $141-90min

Face Therapy

cupping/guasha/lifting massage/facial reflexology/lymphatic drainage

What your  ancient ritual includes:
Finding your cheek bones and jawline ;)
Deep Cleansing 

Hot towel
Facial cupping to release tension & pump your skin
GuaSha to stretch fascia

Lifting sculpting massage

Facial reflexology

Finishing creams + SPF

+add on a Jelly Mask $20.00 upgrade

*Do you have extended Health Benefits that cover Massage Therapy?  Face Therapy appointments will receive a receipt to claim under extended coverage.*


Glow + Go

Skin will feel smooth and refreshed.

What your Treatment includes:
Deep cleansing 

Hot towel
AHA/BHA skin prep 
exfoliating enzyme mask 

Facial lifting massage 
Jelly or Sheet mask 
Finishing creams + SPF



HydraBrasion provides a deep exfoliation! Not only will it leave your skin super clean and blackhead free you will leave nourished and glowing.  A custom active serum will be infused leaving your skin refreshed.

Oil Cleansing 
Hot towel 
AHA/BHA exfoliation 
Skin Infusion (customized blend)
Sculpting facial massage 
Serum infusion 
Jelly or Sheet Mask 
Finishing creams + SPF



02 Derm Glass Facial

The glass facial will revitalize, regenerate, improve texture, aging and over all well being,

Deep Cleaning

Warm towel


Dome + Mask

Oxygen Infusion

Dome + Skin Care 

Lifting Massage



02 Derm Glass Facial + HyrdaBrasion

All the benefits of the Glass Facial Plus
Hydra Exfoliate
Hydra Extract
Hydra Infuse 
Leaving your skin glowing nourished and black head free.
Read description of full treatments




Add On

Customize your facial


Extra Extractions

Thinking your skin might need more TLC add extra time for extractions.


Enzyme Exfoliator

Adding on extra exfoliation will improve texture, fine lines and improve product penetration.


Extra Massage or Jelly Mask

Looking for something a little extra special add on more massage. Hand, Feet, Scalp, Neck you pick.

A little more time to unwind & rest the Jelly Mask will sooth your skin and sole.


Under the Dome

Want to try out a portion of the glass facial? Add some time to lay under the dome and breath in that fresh air.


Dome + Infusion

What to try the full benefit of anion oxygen system, add on time for the dome plus an 02 customized serum skin infusion.


Serum Infusion

Revitalize Dry tired skin with a hydrating  customized skin infusion.


GuaSha + Cupping

Add this ancient tradition on to any service.  Experience the plumping/stretching and lymphatuc draniage.


Opening Hours


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